Brookside Needs You

Brookside Needs you

In Brookside we are in need of volunteers to help with all sorts of different projects.

The amount of projects have increased and we need you to consider helping with them to keep them going.

From fundraising to festival fun – we need your amazing skills knowledge and abilities, to help turn this wonderful area into a place that everyone loves and adores.litter pick

Ideas for helping
  • Help out in the Take5 Cafe
  • Do a litter pick now and again
  • Ocassionally Marshall at events
  • Join in the available groups
  • Deliver newsletters or leaflets

That is just a few examples of how you can help our community. If you are interested or have an idea that you would like to happen in Brookside, please Click Here to submit some info.

Or alternatively drop in and see us in person on a Wednesday from 10am until 1pm at Brookside Central.

Brookside Map